How do I find out more?


Kruger & Pottinger Attorneys are ready and able to assist you and your future spouse to determine which matrimonial regime best suits your unique needs.

We invite you to get in touch to arrange an initial consultation, during which one of our experienced attorneys will walk you through each option to give you clarity and a thorough understanding.

After you have decided which regime suits you best, we will arrange a follow-up consultation to finalise and sign the necessary documentation that will be sent to the Deeds Office.


What are the costs involved?


Kruger & Pottinger Attorneys charges an all-inclusive fee of R2 500.00 to take care of the drafting and registration of an antenuptial contract.

Antenuptial Contracts


Congratulations on the wedding bells that we hear chiming in the distance. Your wedding day is a beautiful, but stressful day. Kruger & Pottinger Attorneys are here to ease your load by ensuring that both you and your partner are legally protected on this new life voyage.


What is an antenuptial contract?


An antenuptial contract is a document that specifies whether your marriage will exist in community of property or out of community of property, with or without the accrual system, as governed by South African law.


Why is an antenuptial contract important?


An antenuptial contract protects both parties in a marriage. It caters to each couple’s unique needs to protect individual assets that they have accrued before the marriage, as well as what claim creditors may have to both parties assets in the unfortunate case of financial misfortune or death.

What are the different marital regimes available and what are the differences between them?

You have three marital regimes at your disposal when you decide to get married in South Africa. These are:

  • Community of Property

– In short, you share a joint estate with your spouse, which means that you are joint owners of all property. You also share all responsibility for debt.

Please note:   If you don’t enter into any antenuptial contract, you are automatically married in community of property.

  • Out of Community of Property (With Accrual)

– Both yourself and your spouse are the individual owners of their respective estates. Each party may individually own properties and are liable for their own debts.

  • Out of Community of Property (Without Accrual)

– Both yourself and your spouse are the individual owners of their respective estates. Should the marriage dissolve, neither party would have any claim against the other, except for maintenance purposes.