Medical Negligence

Medical negligence (or medical malpractice) is an unfortunate reality which affects thousands of lives and families annually. Unfortunately the very people whom we entrust our health and lives to, are the ones who put us at the most risk.

Kruger & Pottinger Attorneys are here to help you get the justice that you deserve.


What is Medical Negligence?


Medical negligence occurs when a medical practitioner or medical expert causes personal injury (resulting in pain and suffering), or the loss of income, due to their own negligence.

Do I have a claim against the doctor who injured me?

The simple answer is yes, provided that you have been injured by a medical practitioner and that Kruger & Pottinger Attorneys can prove, on a balance of probability, that the injury resulted from the negligent conduct of said medical practitioner.

The test used to determine medical negligence is asking what standard the doctor, in his or her specific field of practice, would have been expected to adhere to and uphold.

In other words, we need to ask whether or not you would have sustained the same injury had another doctor in his/ her field operated on you.

What are the costs involved?

Kruger & Pottinger Attorneys know and understand that most people don’t have large amounts of funds laying around to pay attorneys to lodge a claim against a negligent medical practitioner.

Therefore, we will proceed with our clients’ claims on a contingency fee basis. This means that we will submit your claim and carry the necessary expenses ourselves, while only claiming a fee from the pay out of your finalised claim.

This type of fee agreement is perfectly legal and is regulated by the Contingency Fee act for your protection and peace of mind that you won’t be overcharged.